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MindSpark helps people gain a new lease on life with group coaching and personalized coaching programs. Options range from a program that follows the 5 Keys To Greatness to unique wilderness based coaching.

Coaching with The 5 Keys To Greatness & More

The 5 Keys To Greatness is an easy-to-remember framework to elevate your life and find your own everyday greatness. MindSpark offers an executive life coaching package that helps you unlock your greatness using this framework.

When looking for a life coach or an executive coach, you want someone who can understand both where you have been and also where you are going.

Working together with you and your list of goals, MindSpark can help you achieve the things that continue to remain elusive to you.

MindSpark coaching is offered primarily by executive coach Ari Gunzburg, who is a keynote speaker as well as a life coach who offers one-on-one coaching and group coaching.

Ari offers a starter program, which consists of 6 sessions, and is focused on learning and implementing the 5 Keys To Greatness in the best way possible.

In addition to this 5 Keys starter program, Ari also has other programs available to help you find the way out of whatever stuck feeling you may be in, including unique wilderness based coaching programs.

Using these executive coaching programs, you can go on a wild expedition (like to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro!) while learning new things about yourself and how you operate, so your life as an executive or as a high-achiever can be more productive with a better life balance.

“Hunger, thirst, cold, fatigue, your own physical and mental limitations – you will feel all of these. This teaches you about nature, more than that, you come face to face with yourself.”

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Meet Ari Gunzburg

Ari is an award-winning speaker, executive life coach, and more. By applying his unique perspective from the many life experiences he’s had, he helps others find the way to unlock their own greatness.

To learn more about Ari Gunzburg check out his website about his speaking and coaching services. Some things to know are that Ari experienced a traumatic event as a kid, and from there had a number of volatile years as a teenager. After earning this “PhD” from the school of hard knocks and dumb decisions, Ari learned the power of positivity and perseverance, bringing these life skills to everything he does, including coaching and speaking.

“I use the great outdoors as an epic classroom, using the ever-changing experiences we have out in the wilderness to guide my clients to a more fulfilling life.”

Ari Gunzburg, Executive Wilderness Coach

Coaching With MindSpark

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