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Ari Gunzburg is a keynote speaker who does motivational speaking for conferences, corporate meetings and groups, non-profits and other groups. 

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MindSpark and Motivational Speaking

Keynote Speaker Ari Gunzburg works with groups of different sizes to enhance their event with a speech that is pure surprise and delight.

Motivating and inspiring your audience is one of the main goals of creating an amazing event. When you are the meeting planner responsible for drafting an amazing speaker line up, you want to surprise and delight your audience. Give them something to talk about.

Ari Gunzburg does everything in his power to make sure that your audience walks away from his talk with a healthy mixture of surprise, delight and entertainment with insightful takeaways. 

From the moment Ari walks out on stage, he is focused on a motivational speech to create the most impact for your group. His talks angle around his signature framework, the 5 Keys To Greatness.

Ari develops talks and programs based on this groundbreaking work to help your group unlock their own everyday greatness.

People have a tremendous amount of potential. The issue for many is the struggle to find the right way to unlock this potential.

If we can create the right attitude and the right mindset, many opportunities become available. The 5 Keys To Greatness can help your audience find the right mindset and a healthier attitude.

“There are no impossible dreams.”

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Keynote Speaker & Motivational Speeches

This is Ari’s signature talk, centering around the 5 Keys To Greatness. This includes breaking a board, giving away t-shirts, doing a headstand, getting up on a ladder, and more. It is insightful while being entertaining and fun for your audience as well. Takeaways include learning about the benefits to a positive mindset, a renewed desire to be persistent, and more.

Leadership is something that many people don’t understand that well. Nobody wants to be the ineffective leader who struggles to inspire others. By reframing leadership styles along the lines of the 5 Keys To Greatness, executives and managers can learn to truly connect with the people they work with. Spark a movement to lead from a place of strength and engagement to have better outcomes.

There are many sales tactics available to study, many of which look at sales as almost combative. When you are passionate about people, sales, and helping others, it transforms the way you look at transactions. By using the 5 Keys To Greatness to inspire your sales style, you can be more focused on helping others and less focused on hitting big sales numbers by any means possible.

“The presentation today was amazing, it was awesome. It really kind of touched a spot for me, in terms of focusing on my inner self and how I can be in charge of my destiny…”

Dante Jofferion, Associate Director, Cushman & Wakefield

Some Reasons to Work With MindSpark For Your Event


Speeches delivered by MindSpark and Ari Gunzburg are interactive, getting your audience involved in the speech for maximum impact. Ari’s talks include headstands, getting up on ladders, breaking a board, and more.

Surprise & Delight

At MindSpark the goal is create surprise and delight at every speech. Between the free t-shirts and the diverse topics (5 Keys To Greatness all tied together), there is something for everyone to learn and to use for personal growth.


This is what MindSpark does. MindSpark helps amazing meeting planners produce epic inspirational events, whether that means working together or making a suggestion of someone who is a better fit. This dedication is to the best outcome for you.


Your every experience with MindSpark is meant to exemplify the dedication MindSpark has to reliability. Reliability spans from the constant effort to be in touch with you for planning, to arriving in city with plenty of time to spare, and more.

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Meeting Planners and Event Planners

For meeting and event planners, the opportunity to select the right speaker for your event is very important. MindSpark and the keynote speaker Ari Gunzburg work hand in hand with you to ensure that you have what you need, when you need it. This is one reason that we have a speaker planner page posted on our website for motivational speaking and coaching.

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Keynote Speaker and Motivational Speaking

You have so many options when you are looking for a keynote speaker or a motivational speaker. This is why MindSpark is honored that you are considering working with Ari Gunzburg for your event.

Everything we do is focused on making it easier for you to work directly with Ari Gunzburg and MindSpark.

Keynote Speaker Ari Gunzburg Speaking at University of Texas

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Discover the life-changing benefits of the 5 Keys To Greatness using this workbook. With short daily exercises to help you unlock many good things in your life using the 5 Keys To Greatness. 

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